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NSN 1210-00-130-7593 Adapter manufactured by Navair And Navsea Managed is available within ASAP Part Service’s ready-to-ship inventory. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, ASAP Part Services has over 6 billion parts within its inventory including 416946PC7. ASAP is committed to streamlining the parts procurement process for our customers. We make it easy for our customers to search through billions of parts to find the exact part they are looking for.

A dedicated ASAP account manager is ready to help solve any procurement issues or needs that a customer may have. As a company we are quick and responsive meaning we can deliver a part within an AOG timeframe. Quality control is at the center of all that we do. Each and every NSN 1210-00-130-7593 part is subject to numerous quality checks that are designed to screen out any part imperfections or validity issues. Subject a request for quote for NSN 1210-00-130-7593 part today and allow us to simplify your procurement process.   

Alternative NSN 1210001307593
Item Name Adapter
INC Code 77777
Federal Supply Group (FSG) Fire Control Equipment
Federal Supply Class (FSC) 1210 Fire Control Directors
NCB Code USA (00)
Manufacturer Navair And Navsea Managed
Part Number Manufacturer Item Name QTY RFQ
416946PC7 navair and navsea managed adapter Avl RFQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): NSN 1210-00-130-7593

What Does 1210-00-130-7593 Mean?
  • NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is a unique 13-digit identifier for this specific item, serving to ensure an ease of identification and procural. NSNs, or National Stock Numbers, are managed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the international community, serving to promote interoperability and supportability of DOD weapon systems with a standardized method to organize, identify, and procure items.
What Is the Federal Supply Classification (FSC) of NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • The Federal Supply Classification (FSC) of NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is . FSCs serve to group parts that have similar properties or applications together, alleviating management and procural.
What Items/Parts Are Associated with NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • The items we feature that are associated with NSN 1210-00-130-7593 include a Adapter Current part numbers we have in stock that are listed with this NSN include 416946PC7.
What FSG Is Associated with NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • The Federal Supply Group (FSG) associated with NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is FSG: . This FSG encompasses a wide variety of part types, including Adapterand more. With FSGs, parts that serve similar applications are grouped together efficiently.
What Is the NCB Code of NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • The NCB Code of NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is USA (00), which denotes the country that assigned the NSN as the United States. Within an NSN, the NCB Code is the two digits that precede the initial 4-digit Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG) code.
What Is the NIIN of NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • The NIIN of NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is 001307593, serving as the digits that come after the initial 4-digit Federal Supply Classification Group (FSCG) code. A NIIN is made up of two parts, the first being the two-digit NCB Code that identifies the country that codified the item while the second part is a unique 7-digit string for identification.
What Manufacturers Are Associated With NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • On our website, the manufacturers whose parts we carry that fall under NSN 1210-00-130-7593 include Navair And Navsea Managed.
What CAGE Code Are Associated With Manufacturers of NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • On our website, we feature parts with the NSN 1210-00-130-7593 from Navair And Navsea Managed, which were produced under the CAGE Code 10001. Put simply, CAGE Codes are unique identifiers assigned to entities doing business with the U.S. government, facilitating procurement and supply chain management. A single entity can have multiple CAGE Codes, as each is tied to a specific facility or location.
Which Industries Commonly Use NSN 1210-00-130-7593?
  • NSN 1210-00-130-7593 is described as a Adapter, a part that is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, and manufacturing.

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