GE Aviation has First Test Run of New Turbo Engine

Posted on February 6, 2018 Henry Fayol Aviation

In late December of last year, GE Aviation showcased its newest engine in Prague. The turboprop engine is the newest clean-sheet engine to be released by GE Aviation in more than three decades. The engines maiden voyage went smoothly and yielded nothing but positive results.

The development team had been working on the new engine for a little over two years and were excited to finally see their project in working order. This new turboprop engine will be placed inside the new Cessna Denali, built by Textron Aviation, and will begin flying long term sometime in late 2018. Before it makes it permanent home inside the Denali though, extensive testing will continue on the engine and by the time its service begins, the engine will have logged roughly 2000 hours of test time.

The turboprop engine is guaranteed to provide more cruise power and burn through 20% less fuel then its competition, making it the clear choice for the new Cessna Denali. It’s fuel efficiency also means that there is an increase in the time between overhauls, this means more time in the air and less time being worked on.

Ge Aviation’s new engine comes equipped with variable stator vanes and cooled turbine blades. Both mechanisms have been shown to work in some of GE’s larger engines, so the technology was applied to the smaller, new turbo engine as well. The selling features for this engine are its ability to work long hours without compromising efficiency or performance.

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