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At ASAP Part Services, our extensive Federal Supply Groups (FSG) and Federal Supply Codes (FSC) Lookup can help you find the items you need, including those in groups FSG 12 Fire Control Equipment, FSG 14 Guided Missiles, FSG 15 Aircraft and Airframe Structural, FSG 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories, FSG 17 Aircraft Launching Landing and Ground Handling Equipment and more. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, quality is the cornerstone of our business. We only source from trusted manufacturers, and we adhere to a strict no China sourcing pledge. All of our Federal Supply Codes (FSC) parts undergo rigorous testing, inspections, and cross referencing, and that is partly why we are AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 0056B certified. Whether you need top NSN parts or obsolete aircraft parts, our dedicated team can help you find what you need with some of the quickest lead-times in the industry. Come experience the ASAP difference by submitting an Instant RFQ today.

FSG 23 Ground Vehicles Motor Vehicles Trailers Cycles No. Of NSN
FSC 2330 Trailers 5046
FSG 34 Metalworking Machinery No. Of NSN
FSC 3405 Saws and Filing Machines 407
FSC 3408 Machining Centers and Way-Type Machines 66
FSC 3410 Electrical and Ultrasonic Erosion Machines 77
FSC 3411 Boring Machines 95
FSC 3412 Broaching Machines 2
FSC 3413 Drilling and Tapping Machines 397
FSC 3414 Gear Cutting and Finishing Machines 16
FSC 3415 Grinding Machines 792
FSC 3416 Lathes 603
FSC 3417 Milling Machines 447
FSC 3418 Planers and Shapers 22
FSC 3419 Miscellaneous Machine Tools 334
FSC 3422 Rolling Mills and Drawing Machines 67
FSC 3424 Metal Heat Treating and Non-Thermal Treating Equipment 343
FSC 3426 Metal Finishing Equipment 402
FSC 3431 Electric Arc Welding Equipment 2127
FSC 3432 Electric Resistance Welding Equipment 201
FSC 3433 Gas Welding Heat Cutting and Metalizing Equipment 2173
FSC 3436 Welding Positioners and Manipulators 87
FSC 3438 Miscellaneous Welding Equipment 103
FSC 3439 Miscellaneous Welding Soldering and Brazing Supplies and Accessories 10798
FSC 3441 Bending and Forming Machines 657
FSC 3442 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Presses Power Driven 218
FSC 3443 Mechanical Presses Power Driven 119
FSC 3444 Manual Presses 163
FSC 3445 Punching and Shearing Machines 369
FSC 3446 Forging Machinery and Hammers 50
FSC 3447 Wire and Metal Ribbon Forming Machines 2
FSC 3448 Riveting Machines 64
FSC 3449 Miscellaneous Secondary Metal Forming and Cutting Machines 75
FSC 3450 Machine Tools Portable 148
FSC 3455 Cutting Tools for Machine Tools 13148
FSC 3456 Cutting and Forming Tools for Secondary Metalworking Machinery 1419
FSC 3460 Machine Tool Accessories 7374
FSC 3461 Accessories for Secondary Metalworking Machinery 23
FSC 3465 Production Jigs Fixtures and Templates 1318
FSC 3470 Machine Shop Sets Kits and Outfits 20
FSG 37 Agricultural Machinery and Equipment No. Of NSN
FSC 3730 Dairy Poultry And Livestock Equipment 2
FSG 38 Construction Mining Excavating AND Highway Maintenance Equipment No. Of NSN
FSC 3895 Miscellaneous Construction Equipment 3338
FSG 44 Furnace Steam Plant and Drying Equipment and Nuclear Reactors No. Of NSN
FSC 4420 Heat Exchangers and Steam Condensers 12339
FSC 4440 Driers Dehydrators and Anhydrators 4324
FSC 4460 Air Purification Equipment 2433
FSG 48 Valves No. Of NSN
FSC 4810 Valves Powered 85033
FSC 4820 Valves Nonpowered 485586
FSG 83 Textiles Leather Furs Apparel AND Shoe Findings Tents AND Flags No. Of NSN
FSC 8315 Notions AND Apparel Findings 4
FSG 84 Clothing Individual Equipment and Insignia No. Of NSN
FSC 8465 Individual Equipment 5871
FSC 8470 Armor Personal 1114
FSC 8475 Specialized Flight Clothing And Accessories 2529

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