What is Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) in Aviation Fastener Industry?

Posted on May 28, 2018 Henry Fayol Fasteners

Recently, Aerospace Manufacturing made the exciting announcement that they would be able to start supplying the public with fasteners made by companies found on the Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers. But what is the Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers?

The Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers, known as QSLM, is a comprehensive list of esteemed manufactures that the Defense Logistics Agency, has deemed trust worthy. Having your companies name on the QSLM list is incredibly prestigious. This shows that larger companies, that have millions of dollars at stake, can trust that you will provide them with a superior product.

If a company wants to get on the QSLM they must apply for the spot. There is a long list of circumstances that a manufacturer must pass in order to secure their spot. These qualifications change depending on the product being produced, but the standards are always set extremely high.

While it can seem intimidating, it is important to have a comprehensive list of registered and approved suppliers. If any company could sell to elite organizations, there could be million-dollar projects put at risk by faulty, quickly made products. When you break down companies by dependability it is easier to see, across the board, who you should and should not be trusting with precious aircraft parts.

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