Russia’s Grand Reveal For The First Look of the New 6th Generation Fighter

Posted on April 3, 2016 Henry Fayol Aerospace News

Russia is currently in development of a manned and unmanned fighter aircraft. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin revealed to reporters last Wednesday the Sukhoi’s design bureau first blueprint for the new 6th generation fighter jet project. Rogozin elaborates that the Sukhoi design bureau have created the general design for the 6th generation fighter jet from the ground up and will be available in a manned and unmanned version, which means it will be pilotless. Viktor Bondarev, the head of the newly created Russian Aerospace Forces, emphasizes that the work and modifications will continue on undeterred because according to his words,

” If we stop, we will stop forever. Therefore, the work is going on – on the sixth and perhaps the seventh (generation) fighters.”

And while no specifics have been leaked, Vladimir Mikhailov, the head of the department for the military aviation programs at their United Aircraft Corp, believes that the first 6th generation fighter jet could take to the skies during the second half of the fiscal year 2020.

Working concurrently with the 6th generation fighter jet project is a projected founded in 2012 in support of the scientific research for Russia’s defense industry by Andrei Grigoriev who is the CEO of the Moscow based Advanced Research Foundation. This project spearheaded by Grigoriev focuses primarily on materials and engines and aims to develop a new aircraft design to lay the foundation for the 6th generation fighter jet project. And while the objective is certainly well on its way and on track according to Russian officials, given the fiscal realities of Russia, the migration beyond the initial design stage is anything but assured.

What is on the docks is Russia’s intent to push forward ahead with the introduction of their new 5th generation fighter jet which is based on the Sukhoi Prospective Airborne Complex of Frontline Aviation T-50 prototype. The 5th generation fighter jet is expected to be inducted into the Russian Aerospace Forces as early as 2017 with the T-50 going through extensive flight trials at the moment. For now, 4 T-50 prototypes have been delivered along with two test beds of the fighter by Sukhoi with 3 more in the works for the coming weeks.

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